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Conversations about

Grief, Death, Love

and Everything in Between


Latest article

Is There a Ghost In My House?


Doing renovations to your childhood home means becoming suddenly and unexpectedly sentimental over the strangest things, like the contact paper lining the kitchen cabinets and drawers that are probably older than I am.


We're so thankful when the people show their belief in our project by becoming a financial supporter. Donations help cover the costs associated with episode production + publication (editing, hosting, etc.). With your help, we'll be able to share more stories and information relating to grief, dying, love, and everything in between.

We also hope to continue to collaborate with New Jersey artists to create cool death (and Jersey!) positive merch. Any funds raised that extend beyond what's needed for operational costs will go towards funding these artistic partnerships.



Sara Wuillermin is a writer, editor, and podcaster based in southern New Jersey. She first became fascinated with grief rituals after observing roadside memorials along the county roads in South Jersey. Her personal journey with it began in 2005, the year her mom was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Since then, she’s explored the topic through writing about her own experiences and interviewing others about theirs. 


After immersing herself in the world of grief work, Wuillermin has become dedicated to the cause that everyone deserves the chance to experience a good death. In 2019, she attended INELDA’s End of Life Doula training so she could learn more on how she could help facilitate this process.

She first fell in love with New Jersey in 1983, subsequently her year of entry onto this planet. While she’s still figuring out where her grief journey will take her, she’s certain that she’ll always have one final dying wish: “Bury Me in New Jersey.”

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