Getting back into the swing of things… Moment of Zen

I was recently sent this cover, performed by friend of a friend, and I was pretty impressed with it. “This would make a great Moment of Zen,” I thought to myself, and then realized how long it’s been since I posted one on the site, or posted anything for that matter.

This is the part where I explain how crazy life has been and how even through all the insanity, I never forgot about the blog, never lost the desire to write, how I kept trying, kept wanting to, but just couldn’t–how there’s been this strange mental block that has almost paralyzed my fingers every time I came to the log in site and stared at the cursor blinking on the blank screen. This is the part where I vaguely explain that things have been hard recently, that I’ve been going through “some things,” but now I’m back, and better than ever…

That’s how this spiel usually goes, right?

Well, dear readers, I’ll spare you those lines again, but I will tell you I am here, and despite the lack of posting, I’ve never really left. Things have been pretty crazy in my world recently, but I’m working on redefining my normal, and I’d like very much to start by getting things back on track here.

So, let’s enjoy this Moment of Zen together, and then let’s get back on track, shall well?

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