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I wasn't looking, but oh I found A gap in the clouds, the sun comes out

Winding down a lovely weekend with a visit to my parents'. Pizza for me and dad, and mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, soup, and OJ with thickener for mom.

It's taken some time, but I've been learning to let go of the wishing for the Things That Could've Been, while starting to embrace The Life That Is.

That letting go allows me to feel grateful for the quiet visits where I can spend time with my mom and telepathically tell her all the things going on with me, while playing her music from artists I think she would've liked if she had the chance to check them out (today's selection: @phosphorescentmusic).

We sit together, watching another steamy summer day slip away from the view from her bedroom's picture window, while the music and the love fill the space around us.

The #goldenhour light was hitting Nay particularly nicely this evening, for sure better than it was me, and it felt worth capturing.

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