Seeking peace.

The first day we were in Iceland, we pretty much got off the plane and then into one of the biggest, craziest-looking roided-out SUV vehicles I’ve ever seen. Our guide, Isak, took us around in this monster vehicle for hours–showing us the snowy mountains, rural towns, and moon-like terrains.


See? I wasn’t kidding!

Most of our stops were planned, though we veered off a couple of times to check out some unplanned sites (the country’s prized breed of horses, who huddled together near a farm off the road we were traveling; a local coffee shop were I got homemade bread slathered with butter, and then layered with hard-boiled eggs slices and smoked salmon). Another stop was to view a particularly beautiful view of the landscape.


Icelandic horses

At that point, while driving on one of the larger roads in the area, no cars had passed us for miles, and when we got out of the car, closing the doors behind us, I was struck with how calm the world felt. I looked out over this stretch of land and was overwhelmed with the sense of peace I felt. I like the 5 of us were completely alone up there, but in the best of ways.


I know it looks weird, but it was delicious!

Now, a little over a month later, in the middle of a million hectic things happening all at once, I think back to those moments along the side of the road, and the absolute quiet and peace I experienced there. I am wishing for that feeling more than ever, and I’m hopeful that it’s something that can be attained without a plane ride…


The spot where I think I’ve experienced the truest peace/quiet/feeling of aloneness.

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