Spring Flings

By far one of my favorite weather phenomenons is unusually warm, spring-like weather in January. I love how those days manage to break up the winter’s oppressiveness while also offering hope that bright–and warmer–days are in store. Most years there is at least one or 2 days that fit this designation, but this year, we’ve really lucked out and the entire month has been pretty manageable. Although already in the 50s, we’re supposed to hit the 60s this weekend in Jersey, and truly, I couldn’t be happier.

The year is still very new, but things are going really well so far and I don’t think I’ve had this much hope and confidence for a long time. A lot of big shit just seems to finally be coming together and the clarity and the peace of mind that’s been missing the past couple of years finally seems to be returning. It’s funny how that happens–sitting where I am now, I wish I could have realized the things I know now ages before, but I also recognize I only know these things because of what’s happened the past few years.

Deep shit, right?

Well, friends, hopefully you’re all enjoying the perspective from wherever your sitting, and hopefully there’s a little unexpected spring weather helping you jump-start your new year, too.

Below is one of the tracks that invokes spring the most for me. Do you have any songs like that?

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