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We'll you thought about leaving and I bet you will That morphine kills the pain I feel.

It's time to administer the #morphine and my dad is careful as he checks to make sure the liquid reaches the faint line on the syringe before we administer.

When people hear the "M" word, they get scared, and ask as delicately as they can muster if we are afraid if it will kill her. I want to say there are things worse than death, especially as it relates to what my mother has experienced over these past 16 years, but I simply smile and explain that it is dosed to manage her pain.

Because what else is there to do now, but make her comfortable? To ensure that she does not break any more teeth from grinding them, that whatever consciousness she exists in now is as dream-like and serene as it can possibly be. Because at this point, it is all we can do, it is the only control we have, it is the only way we can give her any sort of comfort from the disease that continues to take and take and take, slowly keeping its course like the latest storm on the TV screen.

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